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about me

Before I started my career as a coach & trainer, I worked for more than twenty years as a manager in business consultancies and most recently in the management of a software manufacturer. At some point, my heart showed me that it was now time to go in a different direction. I embarked on my “hero’s journey” and founded my own company. Since then a lot has happened and I am now allowed to help other people to find their own path in life and to walk it with sovereign power.

My clients appreciate my experience and the diversity and flexibility of the methods I bring to bear. As a trained coach, NLP master and meditation instructor, I bring versatile skills that I fully put at the service of my clients.

I am convinced that resilience is one of the most important competencies of all and enables us to live successfully and contentedly in an increasingly complex & accelerated world. One of my greatest discoveries on the path to resilience that I was privileged to make was HeartMath®: a simple, highly effective, science-based method that showed me the way to self-regulation, personal resilience and a connection to my heart. As a HearthMath® certified trainer, coach and mentor, I practice myself and teach teams and individuals the path to greater resilience, coherence, intuition and better self-regulation. I lead the Resilience Advantage and Activating the Heart of Teams programs in organizations of all sizes. HeartMath® is firmly embedded in my coaching toolbox.

I show up with compassion, curiosity, creativity, appreciation, flexibility and a great sense of humor. Worldview tendencies or trying to impose a particular view of things on my clients are not part of my approach. It is important to me that my clients achieve their goals with my help and remember their time with me as an excellent investment. I work tirelessly and wholeheartedly to achieve this.

Are you looking to take a positional adjustment and readjust your career and life? Or are you looking for ways to plug energy leaks and build resilience for yourself or your organization. Maybe you want to find ways to be more creative and intuitive. Or maybe it’s a desire for more emotional stability and calm in the storm & to discover your own natural ability for peak performance while taking good care of yourself. Or are you in a difficult situation and need support? Whatever it is, I can show you how it works.

Finally, a few personal words about me. I am happily married and live with my wife Ute and my two sons Finn and Frederik in beautiful Taunusstein near Wiesbaden. When I’m not working with my clients or on exciting projects, I like to pursue my second passion and cook something delicious for myself, my family and friends. A full table with good conversations and a delicious glass of wine is the greatest thing for me.

If I have piqued your interest, I would be happy to guide you on your journey. No matter if you are looking for a way for you, your team or your company. I look forward to hearing from you.

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