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I offer two HeartMath® trainings. The Resilience Advantage™ program and the Activating the Heart of Teams™ program. Both programs are active learning experiences, and teach a practical, scientifically proven & evidence-based framework for improved self-regulation and for building and sustaining resilience. The trainings teach powerful techniques for gaining clarity, effectively plugging energy leaks and building resilience, even in the face of adversity and stress. Last but not least, these programs are a lot of fun! I have briefly described the differences between the two programs below.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to determine the best approach for you or your team to achieve your goals.


The programs can be customized and flexible according to your needs. 1:1 coaching & mentoring elements can be added to the programs to accompany participants for 4-8 weeks after the training.


The HeartMath emWave® is used in the trainings to give participants immediate feedback and help reinforce what they have learned. The HeartMath Inner Balance™ Sensor can also be integrated into the training experience to help participants deepen techniques.


HeartMath® trainings can be delivered on-site & online, just as it suits you & your team. I can also serve large organizations with my own online academy & app.

The Resilience Advantage™ Program

Your very personal advantage

The techniques taught in the training, are not only incredibly simple and can be learned by anyone, but most importantly, they are effective. This has been confirmed in numerous independent, peer-reviewed studies. HeartMath® trainings have achieved significant and lasting improvements, such as stress reduction, improved health of well-being. Teams and organizations have experienced lasting, positive effects through improved communication, reduced absenteeism due to illness, shorter meeting times, and increased productivity and resilience.

In addition, HeartMath gives you simple and effective tools to enrich your daily life with important heart qualities such as courage, focus, caring, gratitude, appreciation & kindness.

With HeartMath you build your emotional and mental resources to effectively face stress, resignation, fear and other challenges. That’s resilience for real.

As a participant in the training, you’ll learn up to six simple, evidence-based techniques that you can integrate into your daily life as you go about your tasks: fully in the moment, eyes open, calm and focused. You’ll learn how to face stressful situations as they arise and take the toxicity out of them immediately. You will become increasingly independent from negative, external influences that would have robbed you of energy in the past.

Together we will determine what the focus of your training should be so that you can get the most out of it. The training teaches important skills that lead to:

  • Increased personal resilience and energy levels.
  • Increased ability to think clearly and make better decisions under pressure.
  • Reduced consequences of work-related or personal stress
  • Increased ability to stay composed under pressure
  • Improved social relationships in family, personal and professional life
  • Reduced feelings of fatigue and exhaustion
  • Improved access to intuitive intelligence

The modules of the training include:

  • A deeper understanding of resilience
  • The physiology of coherence
  • Strategies for building and maintaining resilience
  • Practical intuition
  • Energy in relationships
  • Coherent communication
  • Creating a new baseline
  • Strategies for building resilience

The effectiveness of the training can be assessed using a standardized evaluation process.

Activating the Heart of Teams™ Program


This training will take your team to the next level with team coherence.

This includes intact teams, newly formed teams, teams working together on-site or remotely, and those looking for new ways to work together to meet the challenges of today.

In the training, you and your team will be taught HeartMath skills that help build cohesion, increase team harmony, and help use intuition as a key source for problem-solving approaches and decision-making.

The Activating the Heart of Teams program teaches skills that lead to the following outcomes:

  • Increased team cohesion and harmony.
  • Fewer mistakes and errors
  • Faster, more accurate and creative decision making
  • Shorter meeting times
  • Increased positive energy and well-being
  • Improved collective intuition to increase creativity and find solutions to problems
  • Increased sense of well-being and appreciation for collective action
  • Collaboration from a broader perspective
  • Creation of new foundational conditions for sustainable change

Modules include:

  • From discord to harmony: coherence is the key
  • Accessing collective intelligence
  • Energy in Relationships: Raising the energy levels of the team
  • Raising personal vibration as the basis for team effectiveness
  • The power of positive energy and attitude
  • Creating flow in non-flowing situations
  • The art of coherent communication
  • Activating the heart qualities and values of the team
  • Creating the coherence plan for your team
  • Additional topics: Sources of tension in relationships, resistance to change, closed-mindedness, tensions within and outside the group, neutralizing dramatized situations, blaming others

Together we will determine the focus areas for your team. The modular format allows for great flexibility in the presentation of the approximately 16-hour material, which can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated into other programs. It can be delivered as a full-day training or in shorter segments over several weeks.

The effectiveness of the training can be assessed via a standardized procedure that measures team coherence before and after the training.


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Want to learn more about HeartMath? The HeartMath Institute is a powerful resource for current research on the heart!

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