founder of unfoldment & your coach and trainer.​

I will strengthen you for the important moments of your life and accompany you on your very personal path.

Unfoldment by Steffen Pietratus Coaching Training Cosulting New Work Coaching Integrated Functional Meditation
Coaching, Training. Consulting, unfoldment by Steffen Pietratus


Prior to my career as a coach and trainer, I worked for many years in the IT and consulting industry, gaining extensive experience as a manager, program and project manager and management consultant in various international consultancies. My last position was as managing director of a software manufacturer.

In my professional life I have already experienced a lot. I know the tension of wanting to survive as a father and husband despite the most demanding work. I know how a consultant feels with 160 hotel nights per year. I have seen big projects where nothing seemed to work. I know happy clients and those who are "on the verge of explosion". I know difficult situations as a manager and the joy of having achieved "the impossible" together as a team.

I have celebrated great successes and had to accept equally great defeats. I was allowed to learn from everything. I am deeply grateful for every experience I have had on my way.

This is what makes me what I am.

Working with people has always been a priority for me in my work. Therefore, at the end of 2018, I decided to turn my passion into a profession and support people in their professional and private development.

With more than 20 years of Management & Consulting experience, I am very familiar with many of the challenges you face. The knowledge I convey has its source in my own experience from many years of practice.

Every day I am allowed to do what I do best: making people strong and successful.

Unfoldment by Steffen Pietratus Coaching Training Cosulting New Work Coaching Integrated Functional Meditation


  • Practical relevance: Coaching by practitioners with practical content. unfoldment understands you where you are.
  • Value neutrality: Together we will find ways that corresponds to your views & values.
  • Scientific: Scientific knowledge is the basis of unfoldment's approach.
  • Personal: The personal contact between coach and client is important for success. Technology supports, but does not dominate the process.
  • Unique contents: Contents are offered which are not yet available in this combination from one source (NLP, Meditation & Yoga).
  • Effectiveness: Technology increases the number of contacts between coach and client, which increases the effectiveness and speed of the process.
  • Availability: Coaching & Training with unfoldment is not tied to a specific location and is quickly available to clients.
  • Added value: Additional digital content provided through unfoldment's platform offers a significant added value compared to conventional approaches.
  • Flexibility: in approach. Client and coach determine at the beginning of the process how on-site and digital approaches complement each other.
  • Networking: participants of the courses and trainings are networked with each other via communities. This creates additional added value.
  • Price transparency: Comprehensible & transparent price model.
  • Pricing: Appropriate prices make the offer attractive for companies and individuals.

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